Hi! My name is

Photos I shot in the country where I finished growing up. Holland 1982-1986.

I claim to have an eclectic taste for Music. I like everything from Abba to Zeppelin, Metallica to Manilow. It all depends on my mood. They say musical tastes reflect ones emotional state but I believe the reverse can be used to improve moods if done incrementally, one higher emotion at a time. Ask me how this works sometime.

Photo from the last time I saw a Kiss concert.   -->



  • It takes me about three minutes to solve the Rubik's Cube.
  • I've done one skydive, tandem.
  • I collect pillows and postcards.
  • I speak Spanish and Dutch

When I'm not traveling the world or out taking pictures I like to cook, shop at farmer's markets, putter in the garden, read, hike, spend time in nature, visit with friends and family, work on computer projects (like this one). Of course my camera might be involved in some of these endeavors.

Roy Santana

People are always taking pictures of food and posting them on social media. The Air Force actually paid to send me to a class in Santa Fe, NM to take pictures of food and gardens using macro-photography and style!

Ants and aphids on a leaf.

Random Tidbits: