Roy Santana

Globetrotting Perpetual Tourist

Travel Pins:  Born in Heidelberg, Germany, lived in Nicaragua when I was a child, frequent family camping trips, lived in Holland in my early 20's - I was bit by the travelling bug early on in life. I enjoy learning about other cultures and especially sub-cultures and how people have evolved as a civilization and their cultural differences. Religions and traditions of the world fascinate me. I could eat almost anything and I'm certainly willing to try anything once. I figure, "If these people are surviving on chilled monkey brain then I could too!" (Nod to Indiana Jones). My trip to Australia in 2010 (passport photo above) completes all seven continents.  32 countries visited so far.  Below are photos of me in each continent. Can you name them?

Age: 52
EDUCATION: Photography, Journalism, Aircraft Maintenance

Quick Facts

Writing & Editing

Desktop Publishing

Studio portrait work, action shots, forensics, aerial, sports, weddings, combat environments, 

humanitarian, austere, natural disaster... You name it, I've shot it!

Well versed in Photoshop and most Adobe products as well as Microsoft Office applications. Was slavery-for-hire as page layout finishing, printing and bindery specialist.

Photographer first...

Hi! My name is

Professional Skills

I like to travel and make quality friendships. I have good friends all over the world but mostly in the USA. If I do any traveling near your area you can expect me to drop in. I love photography, music and spiritual things. Here's some of my photographic work. I am the perpetual tourist. 

I've pursued photography and computers as an avid hobby until it accidentally became a career! I was a combat photographer with the US Air Force for over 18 years with an aerial rating and so my duty took me all over the globe documenting the history and events of the U.S. armed forces. Photography has been part of my life since I was 11 years old in the garage developing and printing black & white pictures using chemical processing and enlargers.


I've written published works for magazine web and print media, well versed in magazine and news paper copy editing. A bit of a grammar snob. I'm still working on that novel.